Enterprise License Features

The Enterprise License is designed for higher volume customers. The license is set up such that an indefinite number of the Advanced License may be sold at no additional expense to the monthly cost.

Unlimited Licenses

With Enterprise-level software, all copies issued to the vendor will have a unique NDEVR commercial license code attached. This code will allow software vendors to sublicense the software at no additional cost to the monthly fee.

If a license is canceled, a transition period will be given to roll out a successor software. After termination of the transition period, any computer running the NDEVR Scan Engine (if connected to the Internet) will prompt the user to purchase a full license of the software at the Advanced License price — or to scale down to a Basic License, if desired. Alternative arrangements, such as keeping the licenses indefinitely, may be possible depending on the circumstances.

3D Scene API

The 3D Scene API is a DLL-based toolset for manipulating objects in 3D space. A QT window object is given as a plugin that can be integrated into existing QT-based products. Additionally, a GLSL window is offered for non-QT-based applications wishing to utilize this functionality. The engine allows up to 20 windows spawned concurrently for a given application at low processing cost. The 3D window handles the rendering of any objects which can be used concurrently with the calling application.

File Import / Export API

The file import API is a DLL-based toolset for loading and saving files to 3D space. It supports loading, importing, and exporting all file types currently supported by the engine. This library is especially useful for loading and manipulating .ndv files or achieving interoperability between applications. Any desired file formats to this API will be added at no additional cost, depending on the need and availability of documentation.


The full NDEVR API is a command line-based engine used to access all of the tools within the NDEVR Scan Engine platform. This toolset does require an instance of the NDEVR Scan Engine to be running, though this can be done in a windowless state. With over 2000 unique commands (and growing!), it offers a wide variety of useful functions. The interface is similar to many other popular CAD platforms, though it does offer unique flexibility to perform complicated tasks. The API can be used to tie the NDEVR engine into existing macros, logic, or complementary platforms.

The simplistic example shown displays how the NDEVR command interface can be used to create a polygon and write it to an .obj file.