Advanced License Features

The advanced license is designed to be a step beyond the base-level scanner software package. In addition to including everything in the Basic License, the Advanced License includes more advanced algorithms for complex real-time meshing, as well as large project exports. UX Customization is included to allow for a custom look and feel, along with replacing the NDEVR logos in favor of the home company’s brand.

Touch Mode

A large emphasis was placed on developing a clean, easy-to-use touch screen mode to ensure stable control and use in the field. The software will automatically detect whether or not it is being run on a tablet or desktop and adjust behavior accordingly. While, in many cases, the workflow remains the same between the desktop and touch theme, more information is displayed in desktop mode; touch mode has larger buttons and extras, such as keypad entry and sound feedback.

Upon clicking on an entry in touch mode, a text entry dialog will open; all dialog boxes support inputting math equations, which will be solved and displayed upon entry completion.

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Advanced Import / Export

In addition to supporting more formats, the advanced import/export also supports writing to ASCII text and databases through an interactive interface. For databases, you can choose which tables to write to, while an ASCII file allows for custom column and line delimiters.

Writing to DXF and DWG files is also supported for easy cross-platform support. Any custom company-specific file formats will be bundled where applicable, assuming the license to use is made available.

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Custom Logos / Icons

While the base program uses the default color palette for icons and includes the NDEVR logo throughout, the Advanced License allows custom icons and logos for better streamlining with existing packages. If the customer wishes to provide a color palette or custom icon packs, the proper icons will be generated.

The application supports custom icons for dark and light themes, along with “action icons”. Models themselves are automatically used for creating some icons.

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Real-Time Mesh Creation and Volume Calculation

The NDEVR Scan Engine’s patent-pending mesh creation algorithm allows for a very low overhead, real-time scan-to-mesh calculation.

Real-time mesh generation allows the user to visualize what is being scanned. Each mode gets double-passed to minimize noise and disruption.

Throughout the scan, the volume is calculated and displayed to the user. Merging of solids can be done when multiple scans are used.

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Real-Time Grid / Contouring

The NDEVR Scan Engine utilizes high-speed buffer transfer protocols to calculate and display contours and gridlines in real-time. This can be helpful for gaining rough estimates of model sizing and dimensions without the need for manual clicks.

The spacing can be set up prior to the scan and will automatically be calculated throughout the scan cycle. These calculations run in parallel, eliminating any additional overhead to the scan or render processes.

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